Anak Perjanjian Syaitan

Zaidi is a teacher whose mother, a rich widow who longs for grandchildren of her own, often pressures him to marry again as he and his wife, Azlinda, have yet to bear any children even though they have been married for years. Azlina is also often ridiculed by her mother-in-law because of it. Fed up, Zaidi asks for a transfer and his new workplace turns out to be the village his late father was born in. The couple stays at the house that belonged to Zaidi's grandmother. Located in a remote place, the eerie house hasn't been lived in for the past five years and is only cared for by a gardener named Pak Man. There, Azlina begins to hear sounds of babies and kids playing. She then finds out that she is finally pregnant. However, she continues to be haunted by the sounds and strange dreams.

95 Minutes

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