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In this reboot to 2000's "Charlie Angels", three attractive women lead a dangerous life as they work as private detectives for an agency in Los Angeles. Their employer, who is simply known as Charlie, hires them on covert missions to save the world.

After finding out that a villain is trying to conquer the city, a young man trains hard to be ready to fight. He used to waste his time doing things only for fun and looking for trouble, that is until he decides to travel from Suphan to the Ayutthaya Kingdom in hopes of enlisting in the army in the time of war. At the same time, he is also trying to win his first love's heart, who is now engaged to a soldier.

With Alexandra being Catholic and Beno being Muslim, their first marriage ended in divorce due to cultural and religious conflicts despite their love for each other. However, they decide to remarry and try again, wanting to do better this time around.

A movie adaptation of Stephen King's 2013 novel of the same name, which serves as a sequel to his 1977 novel "The Shining" that was also adapted into a movie in 1980. This time the focus is on Jack Torrance's son, Dan, who is now all grown up but still traumatised by the events that took place at the Overlook Hotel. Dan struggles with his psychic powers, which he calls 'the shining', and with alcoholism, like his father. He finds a new purpose in life after forming a psychic connection with a girl that possesses the same 'shining' ability.

Balqis and Qistina are a pair of twin girls discovered by Inspector Nuar in an abandoned house, both having been mysteriously locked up in there. However, following the discovery, the skilled cop now has to race against time to solve the mystery behind the twins because not only has he started suffering a series of hauntings since finding them, people linked to the case have also started dying one by one.

Adapted from Charles Addams' comics of the same name, this 3D animated film adaptation follows the life of a strange, ghoulish family called The Addams Family. Just as they are preparing to welcome their relatives who will gather with them for a major celebration, they find themselves going up against a greedy reality-TV host, Margaux Needler.

The geeky Columbus, violent Tallahasse, and sisters Wichita and Little Rock now have to face off against evolved zombies as well as other human survivors.

Following his best friend's death, a football coach tries to fulfil his late friend's dream while also seeking revenge for the death.

With hopes that he will be allowed to see his daughter for the first time, a paroled convict reluctantly agrees to help the police with their tasks.

Zaidi is a teacher whose mother, a rich widow who longs for grandchildren of her own, often pressures him to marry again as he and his wife, Azlinda, have yet to bear any children even though they have been married for years. Azlina is also often ridiculed by her mother-in-law because of it. Fed up, Zaidi asks for a transfer and his new workplace turns out to be the village his late father was born in. The couple stays at the house that belonged to Zaidi's grandmother. Located in a remote place, the eerie house hasn't been lived in for the past five years and is only cared for by a gardener named Pak Man. There, Azlina begins to hear sounds of babies and kids playing. She then finds out that she is finally pregnant. However, she continues to be haunted by the sounds and strange dreams.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as the deadly version of the cyborg assassin known as Terminator.

This sequel, which picks up several years after 2014's "Maleficent", continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and Princess Aurora, who will soon be queen. In their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures residing there, the two form new alliances and go up against new adversaries.