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Following Grandmaster Fei Lung's defeat to his rival, Chun, he challenges her to a final fight in order to restore his reputation. His plan to win the fight is derailed when he unexpectedly develops romantic feelings towards her. He will have to figure out a way to win both the fight and Chun's affection.

All three Yau brothers are con artists who use their notorious talents to punish bad people. They meet fellow con artists, the Lui sisters, through a misunderstanding and both sets of siblings decide to team up. Their target is an infamous mob boss, who they plan to scam using various tricks and disguises.

Donnie Yen stars in this Wong Jing-directed remake of the 1978 movie by the same name. Yen plays a great fighter who, due to emotional issues, has become overweight. However, this does not hinder his martial arts prowess, which eventually leads to him having an unlikely career in the crime fighting world.

The fishermen and villagers in a fishing village called Batu Village live a peaceful and harmonious life, that is until one fateful day when three strangers wash ashore. Mr. Lai, Haha and Mao Mao are saved by a kind elderly couple but instead of repaying them with good deeds, the three commit tons of bad things in the village, including pretending to be a fortune teller to trick the whole village. The God of Wealth is then sent down from Heaven to save the place. The god disguises himself as a mortal man in order to blend in. At the same time, he meets another God, who also happens to be another "guard" for the village. When things turn worse, the God of Wealth is forced to punish the three bad men with a curse in order to bring peace and harmony back to the village.

Once inseparable, old-school cops Michael "Mike" Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are coming apart. Burnett has now become a police inspector while Lowrey, who is suffering from a midlife crisis, is assigned to lead the newly created elite team AMMO even though he has nothing in common with the millennial cops that make up the team. When a ruthless mob boss from a Miami drug cartel, whose brother Lowrey and Burnett took down years earlier, makes a retaliation effort on Lowrey just when he and Burnett are about to retire, the duo must reunite to take him down.

The movie follows the adventures of Doctor Dolittle, a character created by author Hugh Lofting. The doctor realises that he can talk to animals.

The movie, which tells the story of two young British soldiers, is set on a single day at the height of World War I.

A. R. Murugadoss directs this Rajinikanth-starrer, in which the actor plays a cop named Aadhithya Arunachalam, who is solving several murders while hunting down a feared gangster.

Kristen Stewart stars as Norah Price, one of the crew members of underwater researchers who find themselves trapped in their deep-sea lab after an earthquake. Running out of oxygen and with their equipment to get to land badly damaged, they find themselves also hunted by a frightening deep-sea creature.