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A tough and relentless mother searches for her kidnapped daughter.

Ava, the daughter of the Governor of California, is hoping for a peaceful getaway with friends in the resort town of Cabo, Mexico. However, her dreams grind to a halt when the plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean and comes to rest on the edge of an underwater ravine. Ava and the other handful of survivors are trapped in the airlocked cabin. Ava must fend for herself against the odds, contend with bloodthirsty sharks, and find the courage to step up and lead the crash survivors to safety.

After a mortician spots something odd on her mother`s body after her death, she notices something similar on another corpse while bathing it in the mortuary.

Rara inherits a large tea plantation in Central Java belonging to her late father. With her husband, Dr. Sutan, the couple move to the plantation to start a new life, hoping for the best. However, Rara is frequently disturbed by unknown forces during her sleep until Sutan seeks help from his friend Yusof, who is an expert in paranormal cases. Things get worse when Yusof arrives and knowing that there is a sinister secret that is yet to be revealed.

A paramedic who has clairvoyant abilities, Cassandra Webb is forced to confront her past while trying to survive with three young women with powerful futures.

A student at an Islamic boarding school lands herself in a tragic accident while escaping her bullies. Her sudden disappearance plunges the entire school into a state of panic, only for her to mysteriously return. Her behaviour is nothing like her usual self, though, and her fellow students and teachers alike start to face horrific terrors.

After the death of his estranged father, Yamin inherits his father`s old house. When he goes to visit the house with his wife, he finds a charming young girl named Anom living there, who he believes to be his father`s adopted child. Yamin`s wife is uncomfortable with Anom`s presence and the fact that Yamin`s father was a black magic practitioner.

Ah Huang, Ah Qiang and Ah Hui have been friends for as long as they can remember. When Ah Huang`s mounting debts drive him to desperate measures, Ah Qiang and Ah Hui agree to lend him money. He uses the money to build an illegal business. Even after the business become successful, he refuses to repay the money to his friends. However, when the business collapses, Ah Huang is forced to question everything as his family, friendships, and remaining money are all threatened.

A fierce robber has plotted a major heist. But unfortunately, his plan was unintentionally foiled by two dispirited middle-aged best friends, and the stolen cash disappears. As a result, the trio has to run from the pursuit of a policewoman, as well as engaging in firearms in order to reclaim the stolen cash, putting their lives on the line.

Cheng Jialang and Wei Yifu are the contemporary poker twin stars, and they are about to have their first face-to-face confrontation. However, at this moment, Cheng Jialang accidentally transferred his poker talent to a small-time crook named Huang Xiaoqi, who had no previous experience. The two of them went through a wonderful journey and decided to join forces to challenge Wei Yifu.

Mei Lee is a confident, dorky thirteen year-old torn between staying her mother`s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. And as if changes to her interests, relationships, and body weren`t enough, whenever she gets too excited (which for a teenager is practically ALWAYS), she "poofs" into a giant red panda! Directed by Academy Award-winner Domee Shi (Pixar short BAO) and produced by Lindsey Collins, this not-to-be-missed movie is fun for the whole family.

The story "Pendekar Awang: Darah Indera Gajah" revolves around the British finding out that Tok Gajah intends to go to Terengganu to seek support from the Sultan and Malay heroes of Terengganu. The British ordered the capture and elimination of Tok Gajah and his followers. Awang is forced to rescue Haji Sulong and ensure that Tok Gajah safely leaves Pahang for Terengganu. Awang faces various obstacles and battles with British soldiers led by Captain Syers. Does Awang succeed in defeating Captain Syers this time?

Azlinda`s 21st birthday triggers sinister disturbances that are linked to a pact which her late mother made. Amidst her pursuit of religious studies, malevolent forces are awakened, compelling Azlinda to seek Ustaz Taha`s guidance in battling demonic influences. As challenges intensify and tragedies unfold, Azlinda faces a gripping showdown against dark forces, culminating in a climactic battle where she confronts the malevolent presence head-on to break the pact.

This movie serves as the second instalment of the DCEU`s "Aquaman" franchise, following the first movie released in 2018. Jason Momoa returns in his starring role as the titular superhero. Other returning cast includes Amber Heard as Mera, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Black Manta, Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Dolph Lundgren as Nereus dan Patrick Wilson as Orm.