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Every year in an all-girl school, there will always be a mysterious death happening there. A girl named Nany is one of the students, whose best friend is Shila and rivals with Hilda and Violet. Nany has a sad past as she witnessed her mother killing herself, because of a creature called the Black Devil.

In the year 1897, during the time that the British Empire is trying to infiltrate Afghanistan after having conquered most of India, Havildar Ishar Singh is sent to Fort Saragarhi as punishment for always conflicting with his British officers. There, 20 unruly and undisciplined Sikh soldiers await him. It is these 20 men that he leads into the Battle of Saragarhi, to fight off the army of 10,000 Afghani Pathans that turn up at the fort.

In Tok Dalang's storeroom, twins Upin and Ipin, along with their friends, come across a mystical 'keris' (dagger). It opens up a portal and they suddenly find themselves transported into the heart of a kingdom, which they now have to help restore to its former glory. As they look for a way to return to Kampung Durian Runtuh, they receive help from Mat Jenin, Belalang and various characters from Malaysian folklore to overcome the challenges they face on their adventure.

June is an optimistic and imaginative girl. She discovers a magical amusement park called Wonderland hidden deep inside the woods, full of fantastical rides and talking animals but is slowly left unorganised. June then realises the park comes from her imagination, making her the only one who can fix it. So she and her animal friends work together to save the magical place.

Shen Enterprise builds its success on Mahjong. Xiao-Bai, the first grandson, is set to inherit the family business on the day of his grandfather's death anniversary. However, his lack of responsibility and pleasure-seeking lifestyle cause him to be absent from the ceremony and this leads to him being banished from the family by his uncle. The rich heir turned poor loser later finds himself at a place called Wu-Lan Palace, introduced to him by real estate agent Wu-Que Shen. With help from the residents there, Xiao-Bai is determined to use Mahjong to win back what belongs to him.

Bidin Al Zaifa is madly in love with a Thai woman named Cherry Porntit. He proposes to her but her brother, a Muay Thai champion, doesn't want her to marry him. Things turn for the worse when Bidin's enemy Al Buqerk is now after him to settle old debt. With the help of his friends Eddy and Aidil, Bidin tries to solve both his romance problem and enemy problem.

Anyone who wishes to be ordained as a monk at an old temple in the outskirts of the city is said to be cursed. The person will die by the wrath of the Pee Nak spirit before the ordination can be completed. For three young men, they have no choice but to ask for ordination there. Two of the men, Balloon and First, are gays who pledge to the deities that they would become monks if they won a lottery. The third man, Nong, is hoping to obtain better karma since his current life is very unlucky. His girlfriend has left him and he got cheated by his business partner. All three know of the Pee Nak curse but they can't leave because anyone who steps out of the temple before his ordination will immediately die.

The Jit Asongkhai (Infinity Spiritual Centre) cult, consisting of Madame and her apprentices Dej, Prang, Soy, Kruea, Krit and Nop, gathers at a house they use as their headquarters to perform a ritual to bring a body back to life. While gathered around a dead body, they chant to call a spirit to come to it but suddenly they find themselves fighting back vagabonds spirits that are trying to come inside and possess them instead. Trapped inside the house as a storm rages outside, they will have to figure out why the spirits are targeting their bodies as hosts and find a way out of the predicament.

Major Carol Danvers is a United States Air Force pilot. When her DNA is accidentally fused with that of an alien, she gains super powers of strength, energy project and flight.

Husband and wife Jefri and Dilaila go on a vacation in Fraser Hill, Pahang, staying at Dilaila's late father's mansion while there. Their first night there is already an unpleasant one as Jefri is disturbed by spooky happenings. The next morning, things turn worse as he discovers his wife is missing. Imam Aziz informs him a day later that Dilaila has been found but when he meets the woman, he immediately notices that she is not his wife, even though she insists that she is.