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Its about Izam, a paralympic athlete who represented the country in a 'wheelchair race' event. In one incident, Izam was killed in a road accident and Reza (Izam's friend) was blamed. Unbeknownst to Izam was also an illegal "wheelchair racer" rider organized by his own sponsor, Saiful. Saiful threatens Jasmin (Izam's younger sister) by saying that Izam owes him a lot and forces Jasmin to pay off all those debts. Jasmin had to seek the help of her friends at the Welfare Centre, Kamal, Rashid and Macha to solve the problem. Meanwhile, Reza is sorry for Izam's death. Has Kamal, Rashid and Macha been able to help Jasmin and how can Reza atone for all, especially Jasmin?

Bethany, Martha and Fridge re-enter the game "Jumanji" after discovering that Spencer has been sucked back into it. When Spencer's friend, Milo, and grandfather, Eddie, hear the commotion, they check up on it and end up being unwittingly dragged into the game too. In the game world, the gang realises that the game has changed, even their avatars are jumbled up now. Nothing is what they expect. They will have to brave unexplored arid deserts to snowy mountains to make their way out of the world's most dangerous game.

Three systems engineers Fang Yuan, Ren Ren and Bai Song Min, create a "Perfectly Transparent System" for an organisation but when they learn that the organisation's leader, Mike, wants to sell the system to law-breakers, they decide to cease the operation. Later, Fang Yuan also learns that she is carrying Mike's daughter after he takes advantage of her while she is intoxicated. She names the girl Fang Rui. 20 years later, Fang Rui meets Xiao Wei and Bai Tao. Unfortunately for the three of them, they are arrested after being implicated in a case where a computer repair technician got hold of the "Perfectly Transparent System" and turns it into an app that he then sells to law-breakers. Fang Yuan, Ren Ren and Bai Song Min must now reunite to prove that the three are innocent.

Dhanush stars in this romantic thriller film as a man who has fallen in love with a movie star, played by Megha Akash. He must save both himself and the movie star from a potential threat when the latters unexpectedly gets tangled in a dangerous situation.

12-year-old Ejen Ali embraces his role as a spy after being accidentally recruited by secret agency MATA. Without his knowledge, MATA develops his invention the Atlas gadget to upgrade IRIS to IRIS Neo. When this new invention starts being tested as standard equipment for all MATA agents, Ali begins to question his usefulness to the agency. However, he risks his loyalty to MATA in order to embark on a chase to unravel several mysterious links, after he is approached by a rogue figure who claims to know of a surprising personal connection to him.

The Ayunan Island resort harbours a terrible history which involves the slaughter of the resort's employees and a family. Rama, Garin, Farel, Quincy and Celsi manage to survive the attack of the spirit that terrorises the resort but unfortunately, the bodies of Hana and Fira remain missing. Rama, whose lover is now in a mental hospital, decides to return to the island to look for the missing bodies. However, she will have to overcome the obstacles in her way.

Kate works as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop in London. One day, Tom, a man who seems to be too good to be true, walks into her life and seems to see through all her barriers. She ends up dating him even though it looks like things shouldn't be working for the two.

Hassan leaves home from a young age as he can no longer stand seeing his family and the people around him being pushed around by a man named Raja. He enlists in the military but after leaving it, he returns home to help his family and community. In order to settle the debt his younger brother Zain has incurred after losing an MMA fight organised by Raja, the two brothers team up for a match against Raja's sons Vee and Rayyan.

Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister Anna are joined by their friends Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven as they embark on an adventure far into the forest, to learn the truth about the kingdom of Arendelle's ancient mystery.