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Gong Li and Huang Bo star in this biographical film about China`s women`s national volleyball team. Directed by Peter Chan, the stories about the team are spread over more than 40 years.

A woman is rebuilding her life with her husband in the New York suburbs post-World War II. But her life is derailed once again when she encounters her neighbour and begins to think that he is one of the tormentors who committed war crimes against her. Seeking vengeance, she decides to kidnap him.

Set in the early 1990s, during which Ina works as a caretaker at an orphanage. The children are happy to be there and get along well. Despite facing financial issues, Ina accepts another boy into the home, feeling sorry as he has lost his family members, all dead under mysterious circumstances. But ever since his arrival, strange and eerie things begin happening at the house, including the appearance of a mysterious pregnant woman. Ina must now protect the children from these strange disturbances.

A continuation of the 2019 movie, "Ne Zha". Following orders from the gods to overthrow the Shang kingdom, Jiang Ziya forms an army of people with special powers to do so. Ne Zha also joins him, serving as one of the generals in the army.

When an accountant gets targeted by a deadly mercenary organisation, he turns to Vanguard, a covert private security agency, for help. The agency's head joins forces with Dubai intelligence personnel to protect the man from the dangerous mercenaries.

Directed by Nevin Hiong, the movie stars Fattah Amin as Ariel, who is investigating the mystery behind a deserted theme park in Malaysia called Mimaland. The theme park operated from 1971 up to 1994, when it was left abandoned following a landslide.