Its about Izam, a paralympic athlete who represented the country in a 'wheelchair race' event. In one incident, Izam was killed in a road accident and Reza (Izam's friend) was blamed. Unbeknownst to Izam was also an illegal "wheelchair racer" rider organized by his own sponsor, Saiful. Saiful threatens Jasmin (Izam's younger sister) by saying that Izam owes him a lot and forces Jasmin to pay off all those debts. Jasmin had to seek the help of her friends at the Welfare Centre, Kamal, Rashid and Macha to solve the problem. Meanwhile, Reza is sorry for Izam's death. Has Kamal, Rashid and Macha been able to help Jasmin and how can Reza atone for all, especially Jasmin?

99 Minutes

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