Adam and Nabila are stranded on a homestay owned by a beauty with the intent to kill. Nabila and Adam are YouTube's active partners. The popularity of their channel increased dramatically to twenty thousand likes in a short time. As a token of gratitude, and to make their channel even more popular, Nabila and Adam plan to broadcast their adventures throughout Malaysia, while experiencing their traditional culture. This post is called Duet Desa. For the first episode, Nabila chose Negeri Sembilan which is famous for its Minangkabau culture. On the way, heavy rain hit and they lost connection to GPS. Nabila and Adam tried their best to get to their destination, but eventually they went astray. In search of a way out, they came upon the Eternal Homestay. A number of strange phenomena full of killings occur unknowingly. Will they both escape the murder of Ms. Suraya?

82 Minutes

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